Pastel paper SANDED 250 gsm 22,8 x 30,5 cm - DIFFERENT GRADE


Pastel paper SANDED 250 gsm 22,8 x 30,5 cm - DIFFERENT GRADE

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UART sanded pastel paper gives you the ultimate control over the creative process. PH neutral and acid free, all UART paper is beige in color, allowing you to prep the background and tone the paper to your taste.
No matter the grade you prefer, UART accepts underpainting using a wide variety of media, including water, oil and alcohol.
Our art paper is sturdy enough to ensure the liquid you use doesn’t damage the tooth or seep through to the other side.
Even if you spend hours layering and blending, the grade never gives way, reducing the waving and buckling that are often associated with underpainting. Layer and blend all you want – your creation isn’t going anywhere.

280 – ideal for those with a heavier hand or who want texture to show
400 – a favorite of many professional pastel artists and ideal for those trying UART for the first time
600 – perfect for those with a focus on detailed work
800 – finest tooth, popular for super fine pastel or colored pencil application

Regardless of the grade you choose, you can be sure the grade of our paper will hold on to your art, in spite of how many layers you apply or whether you use hard or soft pastels. There’s no excess flaking and fading is eradicated– your medium stays in place as you intended. Other papers may lose tooth, but UART sanded pastel paper clings to your artwork and never lets it go.

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  • Karedus 800/Grade 800 Karedus 600/ Grade 600 Karedus 400/Grade 400 Karedus 280/Grade 280

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